About Global Wind Organisation

GWO is a non-profit body founded and owned by its members – all of whom are globally leading wind turbine manufacturers, owners, or operators.

GWO members strive for an injury free work environment in the wind turbine industry, setting common international standards for safety training and emergency procedures.


GWO published the first version of the Basic Safety Training (BST) standard in 2012 in response to the demand for a recognizable standard in the wind turbine industry. This was followed by the Basic Technical Training (BTT) Standard in 2017.


GWO has since launched a range of other training standards which align the requirements of employers for workers carrying out various roles in the wind turbine industry.


GWO seek to deliver results that contribute to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, including  Sustainable Development Goal 4 on Quality Education, target 4.4. As contribution to SDG 4.4, GWO seeks on behalf of its membership to substantially increase the number of wind technicians, who have GWO standardised training as a key enabler of its mission to create an injury free working environment in wind.

What are GWO training standards?

GWO training standards describe the requirements for training courses that are recommended by members of GWO. By complying with GWO standards and criteria, certified training providers are considered competent and proficient.


Any individual with a GWO certificate in the Wind Industry Database (WINDA) is considered competent and knowledgeable according to the learning objectives of that standard. GWO members accept the certificate as confirmation the individual possesses the required knowledge and competences as described in the standard.

Who runs GWO?

GWO is governed by an organisational structure overseen by the General Assembly.

The Executive Committee (ExCo), oversees all operational aspects of GWO’s work carried out by the GWO Secretariat and ensures coordination between the committees. Chairs of GWO Committees are represented in the ExCo as ordinary members. To find out more about the people behind GWO, visit our committee pages.

About GWA

Global Wind Academy is an independent training center, providing GWO safety and GWO technical training. Our instructors provide relevant training in-house as well as globally, for GWO BST (Basic Safety Training) and GWO BTT (Basic Technical Training). We are also able to provide specific training for the wind turbine industry, Blades L1, L2 and L3, rope access as well as technical and product specific training.

Global Wind Academy is certified, by DNV GL, to provide GWO on-site training, in fixed facilities as well as globally.


GWA was established in 2014 in Struer, Denmark. The GWA milestones are:


Strategic partnership with UCH, from Denmark



The first GWO BST and Blades training was provided in Japan



Global Wind Academy established new GWO facilities in Struer, Denmark



The first GWO and Blades training was executed in Vietnam. Fixed training in Tokyo, Japan



The first franchise department was established, Global Wind Academy in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam



The second franchise department was established, Global Wind Academy in Holstebro, Denmark


Our mission

Our mission is to make a difference. We strive to do this by being the best in class. The three focus areas at Global Wind Academy are:

  • Always quality of training
  • Always best service and flexibility
  • Satisfied customers

GWA Customer Survey

The customers are the most important aspect of our company. Because of that, every time we end a training, we kindly request the students to answer 10 questions anonymously. This is in order to learn from the participants’ feedback, so we can adjust processes and be able to deliver the best training to our customers. At GWA we started using the Google Analytics per August 1st, 2020, an anonymous tool that ensures that we receive the best data possible, in order for us to evaluate our company.

We continuously evaluate the feedback, and we have learned that our customers appreciate our facilities, the instructors, the staff, and our training programs.

As you can read from the Google Analytics result, we are very proud that it seems we are doing a great job and that our customers are very satisfied. We base this on the fact that our lowest score ever was 9.3 points out of a maximum of 10.

GWO modules provided

Global Wind Academy provides GWO BST, GWO BTT, and new GWO modules in fixed training facilities and also as GWO on-site training.


GWO Basic Safety Training:

  • First Aid
  • Manual Handling
  • Fire Awareness
  • Working at Heights
  • Sea survival

GWO Basis Technical Training:

  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Hydraulic
  • Installation


GWO ART – Advanced Rescue Training

GWO EFA – Enhanced First Aid

Ongoing, new GWO modules and standards are being integrated.

Global Wind Academy customers

Global Wind Academy customers are global leaders among wind turbine manufacturers, utilities, owners, operators, subcontractors, and ISPs.

GWO on-site training

The GWO on-site training is very flexible. The set-up is arranged according to customers’ requests. E.g. training can be scheduled in a period with “wind days”, when the technicians cannot work. It can also be postponed, when the technicians are working. On-site training reduces expenses for travel and hotels.

We offer GWO safety & technical training, Blades Level 1 and level 2, and technical training.

Some of our GWO on-site customers: