Some of us at GWA have more than 15 years of experience from the wind turbine industry, meaning we have a wide knowledge about running a GWO training center, market mechanisms, and what is most important for GWO customers.

By entering a partnership with GWA, you will benefit from our experience, and you will get highly skilled and motivated colleagues. GWA will help you become successful, and we support you with GWO certification, our  GWO train-the-trainer program, a booking & administration system that fits 100 % to our industry, and a lot of other elements that are very important when it comes to running a GWO center.


Like our big interest in satisfied customers in our GWA training centers, it is also of great importance to us that you as a GWO partner is satisfied, and that we cooperate effortlessly so we can all achieve our goals.

Co-founder and Managing Director
Per Lapholm Christoffersen